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Are you unhappy with your permanent make-up, scalp micropigmention or body tattoos? UNDO® is here to help! Our non-laser tattoo removal system is and effective & safe treatment!

UNDO® is a patent-pending non-laser pigment removal system that safely facilitates the removal of unwanted pigment from permanent makeup, scalp micropigmentation and small to medium sized body tattoos.
UNDO® is formulated with the highest quality natural ingredients, resulting in a skin-appropriate lightening product with an objective of minimizing sessions for success.
The UNDO® system was designed for professionals who have been trained and are insured.

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UNDO® is used to remove/lighten unwanted permanent make-up, scalp micropigmentation & small to medium sized body tattoos. UNDO® can be used on all skin types & ink colors and is safe to use in delicate areas, such as the eyes.

Health Concerns

UNDO® Non-Laser Tattoo Removal℠ should not be used on anyone that  is pregnant/nursing, diabetic, taking blood thinners or prescription acne medication, is undergoing chemotherapy, organ transplant or major heart problems.


UNDO® is not recommended for anyone that has any skin irritations near the treated area (rashes, sunburn, acne, etc), is ill (cold, flu, etc) or has had Botox within the past two weeks near the treatment area.

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